The Great Lies of Rock & Roll
  1. The booking is definite.
  2. We can fix it in the mix.
  3. My agent will take care of it.
  4. The roadie took care of it.
  5. She'll be backstage after the show.
  6. She doesn't date musicians.
  7. She's just a friend.
  8. The club will provide the PA and lights
  9. We'll have it ready before tonight.
  10. We'll have it back next week.
  11. We'll have the posters ready tomorrow.
  12. We'll let you know
  13. We'll be there tonight to check out the band.
  14. The place was packed
  15. It's on the truck
  16. I had nothing to do with your marriage breaking up.
  17. This coke hasn't been cut.
  18. Someone will be there early to let you in.
  19. I've been playing for twenty years.
  20. I'm with the band.
  21. The band drinks free.
  22. You'll get paid tonight - no problem.
  23. You'll have no problem fitting that speaker in the trunk of your car
  24. We'll have plenty of time for a sound check.
  25. That's one of Jimi's old Strats.
  26. I am singing on key, the PA is screwing up.
  27. I've played there before.
  28. We have a great gig in Vegas next month.
  29. You won't have any trouble finding the place.
  30. I just use this little amp for small gigs. I've got a Marshall stack at home.
  31. The show starts at eight.
  32. I'm sure it will work.
  33. Your tickets will be at the door.
  34. It sounds in tune to me.
  35. I checked it myself.
  36. The spot light will be on you during your solo.
  37. The stage mix sounds just like the house mix.
  38. I really love the band.
  39. Don't worry you'll be the headliner
  40. I've only been playing for a year.
  41. He'll work the door for us.
  42. You won't have to play any requests.
  43. We'll split the money six ways.
  44. They want us as the opening act.
  45. Sounds good to me.
  46. You can stay at my place indefinitely.
  47. We can turn down the volume if it's too loud.

Here's one I thought should be there.
  • The soundman really knows his stuff

    Neil Bishop sent me these 2
  • Of course there's a dressing room
  • I'll use you on my next session

    Dave Fitzpatrick (The Fables) sent me these
  • No... we don't sign contracts...What contract?
  • Great album! I just bought it yesterday, Have you got a copy on you I can send to me mudder in Fogo?
  • Yeah! we know Johnny b. good, we'll get that in there next set.

    Clyde Wiseman (The Fables) sent me these
  • No... we don't know "Da Wipeout"!
  • Got a cigarette?... I left mine on my amp!