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  • Tunes and Songs

    Kerry Whistles
  • These videos are generally live performance and feature
  • Lunasa
  • Kevin Crawford
  • Michael McGoldrick
  • John McSherry
  • Johnjo Kelly
  • Flook
  • Dezi Donnelly
  • One note is that its a page/website made with macromedia flash and doesn't appear to support standard html (never a nice thing to do). The vids range from 2 to 6 meg in size.

    ABC Notation
  • Welcome to, home of abc notation - the text-based music notation system and the de facto standard for folk and traditional music.

    Standard MIDI Files on the Net
  • This is an extensive list of sites which have standard MIDI files. Standard MIDI files can be used by almost any MIDI music sequencer, MIDI player or MIDI plug-in.
  • Over 1,200 Links

    Folk Festival and Venues

    Festival Finder
  • A site that offers festival searching.

    Canadian Folk Festivals
  • Information on over 50 Canadian Folk Festivals

    Dirty Linen's Events & Festivals List

    Instrument Pages

    Celtic Guitar
  • Fingerstyle guitarist Glenn Weiser has written well-received Celtic guitar books and harmonica books, which are available through this site. He has also contributed articles to Acoustic Guitar, Sing Out!, and Acoustic Musician magazines.

  • The Mandolin Page
  • A site for Mandolin players

    Celtic music instruments
  • Some of the instrumentation used in celtic music is common, some is quite unique. Here's a brief description of the main instruments used, with links to other internet resources dealing with each instrument.


  • Aisling (Aisling is Gaelic for "dream vision") is a Celtic band playing pan-Celtic music including traditional and contemporary Irish and Scottish music

  • Francis Child Ballads
  • Biography, Lyrics, Tunes and Historical Information

    Info On Artists
  • Here are brief profiles and discographies of some of the more popular celtic musicians and groups of today and the recent past.

    Record Companies and Magazines

    SingSong Inc.
  • This label has more active Newfoundland titles available than any other in the province.
  • Check out schedules of performers on the label.

    Temple Records
  • The Scottish Record Label

    Music Stores on the Net

    Irish Country Music
  • Complete collections of Daniel O'Donnell, Dominic Kirwan, Mary Duff and much more Irish Country Music.
  • Free delivery UK and Ireland, Worldwide Airmail.

    Mountain Made Music
  • A music store located in Nashville, Indiana who specialize in mountain dulcimers, hammered dulcimers, lap harps, bowed psalteries, and folk music.

    Music in Scotland
  • Music In Scotland is dedicated to promoting music from Scotland to a world-wide audience.

    Hobgoblin Music
  • Hobgoblin Music has provided folk musicians with otherwise hard to find folk instruments for 20 years, and has grown to be the largest source in Europe. This Hobgoblin Music Web Catalogue lists over 2000 Traditional, Folk and Celtic Music items, with full colour illustrations of many instruments.

    Other Links

    Rocky Mountain Fiddle Camp
  • Set in the beautiful Colorado Rockies outside of Denver, Rocky Mountain Fiddle Camp is staffed with musicians who are highly-regarded for their superb playing as well as excellent teaching.

    Gavin's Pages
  • A page of Irish links
  • Irish News & Media, Politics, Arts and Literature, Places, Music in Ireland

    Celtic music on the Internet
  • This is the hypertext version of the list maintained at and posted monthly to
  • Gerry Strong sent me this link for Celtic Radio